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“Were You Born In That Chair?” Interview with, Author, Jennifer Kuhns

Hello, my fellow book lovers!

Today, I want to share with you an interview I did, with award-winning children’s book author, Jennifer Kuhns.

We got together for a little chat about one of her books entitled, “Were You Born In That Chair?” during the 2nd annual Carnegie Arts Center Book Fair.

If you ever get a chance to speak with her in person, you will find out that she’s got a great sense of humor and excellent comedic timing!

Jennifer writes from the heart and that makes her books that more special.  In, “Were You Born In That Chair?” the protagonist, Hailey, is a young girl who has to switch from a school where everyone knows and accepts her as she is to a new school where she’ll have to start all  over.

This book is an excellent read for teaching young people, about embracing and accepting differences and looking at those differences as something that makes others unique and fun.

I absolutely loved this book and I would highly recommend it.  Click on the photo below to check out my interview with the smart and fiesty Jennifer Kuhns.



video thumbnail for interview with j. kuhns

Jennifer and I sharing a laugh!


Just some words & thoughts from the desk of your favorite authoress~

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2nd Annual Carnegie Arts Center Book Fair

How are my fellow book lovers out there?

Well, I just have to say, I had an absolutely wonderful weekend!  This past Sunday, November 5, 2017, I had the pleasure of participating in the 2nd Annual Carnegie Arts Center Book Fair in Turlock, CA.

I met so many other wonderful local authors, like Jaci Wheeler (right),  also


Laura Atkins and Stan Yogi, the keynote speakers of the book fair.20171105_170752

What I love most about these events is the people.  There was so much creativity packed into one room!

I’ve been a lover of books since I was little girl and this book fair had EVERYTHING that your little ones might be interested in reading…fiction, non-fiction, chapter books, picture books, quilted soft cover books for babies, young adult fiction and much more.

I purchased some books, of course, and “Fred Korematsu Speaks Up” was one of them.  I was so inspired after reading this book, I wrote a review on Amazon (you can see the full text of my review here).

I could tell you about all the fun I had in this one post, but then it would be too long!  There’s definitely more to share, including interviews with a young entrepreneur, a Diva on Wheels and a gem of a book I found entitled, “California the Magic Island”.

Until next time!!

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